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Fun and simple

Fun so far! Add me DLHFAJO

It's pretty cool! One thing-

The one thing I would like from this game is notifications. Things that would tell me when I get house requests, when my health, stamina, and energy are restored, when my familiar is ready, and when my group/guild starts quests and wars.


I need them and it's hard to understand how to add them

So far so good

So far a friendly group to play with but the pay for items seem far to superior to the free to play items

School of Magic 3

Hi! :) This game is awesome; however I have a coupe request. I am only doing this because I can get more housemates. Also, one thing I would do differently is that we should have more offering. Plus, this game needs to be more social safe. If you play this game my house code is: MXAPXKZ (Wizard_Bongos)

Could use minor improvement

This game is pretty fun and addicting, you can even create guild and play with your friends which I like, but the UI could use an improvement it can be kind of unresponsive at times and the developers could improve it to make it look nicer.

Fun Game

Fun Game


And I thought I'd be able to control this addiction!!

Lots of fun!!

I played this game in the original version. This is better laid out and very smooth. Still lots of fun to play, and a great escape from muggles!


Love it it is amazing awesome

Best Wizarding Game!!!!

I love it. So easy and can bank money. Love that feature.


Just started game and I am enjoying it a lot! Not a lot of pressure to buy items, which is refreshing.

It's great and you can talk to people

School of Magic

So far very addicting 😀 Add me: JQJMBXN


Fun game :)

Just doing it to get house mates

Just doing it to get house mates tbh

Good game

Can't wait to see the updates


Not bad! Great starter game.

Best yet

I played once been hooked every since House code - EJNVRWS Come join me I love this game and I must I'm not one of Patrick's favorites don't even knw him and was emailed back I was having a problem with linking my account I can't stress link ur account he saved the day I was able to retrieve my account and did not have to start over . The alliance is cool we are like family and for bullies well it is a game ok killing so the point is too beat up on people just ck the game out your self I'm sure you'll love it


Very similar to Facebook games I have played

Asked to give five stars

I'd rather give one it's rly imbalanced. Spend your monies if you'd like to win!


Great game! Add me LSMUNLG

Fun game, simple to learn.

This is a Mafia Wars style game where you do quests, buy "familiars" which earn you income, and build up your power through stat upgrades. I just started but am having lots of fun so far! Add me! JJRGFQF

Great game!

Just started playing it 2 days ago. It's very similar to Mafia Wars game platform. Took me back in time there for a bit.. Looking forward to spending time here a lot HYYHSOQ

Great game




House code IJAJYYS

Fun game, seems to be very similar to Mafia Wars in questing and fighting. Add me: IJAJYYS

School of Magic 3

Very fun and addicting


This game is sturdy


Great, amazing, just get it!

Awesome game



Great game


Luv it


It is a great game. I just love being able to talk to others in the game!

Love it

You should get it it's lodes of fun

Love the game

I'm enjoying the game and happy with my Alliance! There are a few childish people who leave nasty messages- but this is so rarebit does not bother me!

Needing housemates

Add me, please DLTXMBQ 😊✨ Highly addictive game, as soon you start leveling you must apply for an alliance.


I love the game very much it is one of my most enjoyable games I have but the familiars unless you have data and are constantly on every hour to collect the mouse and then later the longer ones it's hard to move up if ur not collecting them all the time I wish that they would just go to your bank when they needed to be collected

Bad game

The game is bad your not in the quests you just press a botten and your down with the quest



Okay nothing special

It's okay. Feel like I'm always in the same spot no advancement can really happen unless you play the game non stop and you realize you need to add enough people to make an impact in the game. Add me BDONCTI

Harry-Potter like

LRJTWCG-please join my house and share my code with your alliance. :) Thank You!. Fun game but be active. Please post your code here so that we all can get much needed housemates. Thank You! .

School of Magic 3

Fun cool game love playing me my children and my children's friends

Fun game

Really cool game

Fun, for a price.

Like most free to play games, you'll get a lot more out of this if you can spend some cash. However, it can still be fun to play once or twice a day at the free level.


I was told to leave 5 star review lol. I don't know what I get but here's goes nothin'. game is okay, I'm still learning sooo.... Lol wish me luck!


Unless hr patrick the developers favorite U have no chance. I was level 154 when I left. Watched many others leave as well. I have spent a hell of a lot of money to have the game change multiple times for his favorites. The game also lacks defense at high levels and favors Attack accounts. Patrick only emails his favorites back. Look for another game trust me


I love this game because can talk to people all over the world and can level up without limits:)


The game is fun but sometimes if I try to fight someone it says the game thinks it's a duplicate but I only have one account so I don't get how they could "detect" something and also you have to pay a lot for offerings just to have a high attack and defense but otherwise I like the game. My house is DOUNSAQ!

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